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Mihi is your one stop destination for everything to do with your smartphone (and other devices). Whether its support, device health, device performance or device warranty. Upload all your device bills, for any future eventuality and get more peace of mind along the way.


Mihi is Livelihood, Mihi is Productivity

Its your instant help for everything. It tries to answer all your Internet & App related queries,

so that you are able to use your smartphone more productively.

App Features

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Device Health

You can run 50+ diagnostic tests to check device health and take corrective action wherever required. You will also get proactive alerts to improve device performance

Warranty Management

You can save warranty details & bill on the mihi, and access them when required


Get Complete Protection For All Your Devices! Keep Your Identity Safe, Protect your device from unauthorized users!


This is our way of helping you to be more productive, our quick videos will try to help you use Internet, Apps and your smartphone, to your benefit.


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Locate us

Find the nearest authorized service center to have your smartphone repaired and helps you to find correct directions and contact details.


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I have recently downloaded the app just to check if it actually works? Trust me, Its amazing! To everyone out there, just go & install & make your life easy with “MiHi”


Art Director

I can never remember where I keep my bills. But wait, MiHi has solved this, I just have to upload bills & take a chill pill. Life has never been so easy. Thank You Mihi


Fashion Designer

My phone is my lifeline as it includes my professional & personal life both. I can’t spend a day without it. MiHi has helped me to take care of my lifeline in a better way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the App help me in managing my mobile device?

The App is your one stop destination for all support related queries, you can run various device diagnostic tests to check the health of your device. You can also register your warranty & save your device bill, for any future requirements. You can of course call the service centre or locate one near you from the app. The App also shares various tips so that you can improve your device’s performance

How can Mihi reduce walk-ins & calls to our service centres?

By providing the user, self-serve options like device diagnostics, usage alerts and device protect options, Mihi reduces the requirement for the user to call or walk-in to your call centres

What mobile diagnostic tests can I run myself?

There are 50+ test that you can run on the device to check its health, we also suggest actions wherever required, so that you can resolve issues that the tests suggest

Why should I register my warranty on the App?

When you register your warranty in the app, we ensure that your details are seamlessly integrated with the service centre database, basis which you will be sent relevant alerts & schemes

Will I be able to access my device bill from the App?

Yes, once you save your invoice in the app, you can access it whenever you wish to

When should I call the service centre?

Please call up the service centre, in case the device performance is still poor, even after running diagnostic tests and taking suggested actions

What schemes & offers do you usually provide under My Alerts?

Depending on your device usage, we provide various buyback & device financing offers under My Alerts

Why should I protect my mobile device? I already have a warranty for my device?

The mobile device has become our lifeline and our connection to the world. But every day, people lose access to that connection due to things like mechanical or electrical breakdown, accidental damage, loss or theft. The manufacturer warranty typically covers mechanical or electrical failure, and for a limited period. So its always recommended that we protect our device through device insurance, extended warranty and anti-virus